transportation, arrival & dismissal

    Transportation Assistance
    TPS works individually and creatively with families living within the Bloomington area who cannot provide their own transportation to get their children to school. Our goal is to make sure that every child has a secure method for arriving to school on time each day. We are dedicated to assisting all of our families to insure that no one is denied access to TPS due to transportation challenges. If you would like the school's partnership in developing a transportation plan, please contact Ms. Cathy to discuss options.
    We want to encourage our families to carpool! It's saves time, money and hassle - and it's good for the earth! There are a number of excellent web-based tools for carpool scheduling. Here is one we recommend: Carpool-Kids.
    Car Arrival Procedure​
    Our goal is to provide safe and efficient arrival procedures. Everyone who drops off from a private vehicle should enter Smith Avenue 
    Lincoln. A TPS faculty member will be on duty 7:45-8a. at the eastern end of the ramp
    ​ ​
    each morning to help ensure student safety. Cars will queue for drop off from Lincoln to Smith Avenue. All parents should approach TPS from Lincoln, turning left (west) onto Smith Avenue. No cars will be allowed to turn right from Washington to Smith Avenue during this time (7:45-8a​​). No through-traffic is allowed in the alley during this time.
    The front doors open to enter the building at 7:45a. Families are welcome to wait in the entry way between 7:40-7:45a.


    ​Car Dismissal Procedure

    Each family receives two pick-up cards with the family’s name(s) on the card, giving permission to pick up their child and permission to park in a TPS parking lot. If additional cards are needed, families are welcome to make their own by copying the original or may ​request additional copies from the office. Cards can be picked up the day after the request is made. Once dismissal begins at 3:25p (1:25p on Wednesdays), A TPS staff member will use a Walkie-Talkie to gather child(ren) from their classroom(s).

    Cars queue for pick-up from Lincoln north to Smith Avenue. All parents should approach TPS from Lincoln, turning left (west) onto Smith Avenue. No cars will be allowed to turn right from Washington to Smith Avenue during these times (7:45-8a​ and 3:25-3:45p). Cars that attempt to enter from
    ​ Washington will be sent south to
    ​ Second Street ​
    to enter from Lincoln. This format has been constructed with the City and the Board of Health and Public Safety
    ​in order ​
    to provide a safe dismissal. This also provides a sufficient space to queue cars without impacting traffic on busy streets such as Third Street.
    When on Lincoln, please always move as far to the left of the street as possible while lining up. This allows moving traffic on Lincoln to pass to the right. Please also refrain from lining up before 3:20p (1:20p on Wednesdays), and please turn off cars rather than idling if lined up prior to the start of dismissal. 
    TPS staff 
    ​members are always​
    posted on both sides of Washington Street to assist students in crossing safely. When possible, students will be loaded into cars on Smith in line between Washington and Lincoln. Cars may then exit the line to the South when reaching Washington Street.If a parent chooses to pick up from any location other than the assigned line, s/he will have to exit the car and come to pick up the child. Parents may NOT park in the parking lots adjoining TPS (Rhino’s, etc.). This is essential in maintaining positive relationships with
    ​T​PS neighbors.  
    The following parking options are available when visiting our school:

    Walnut Street metered parking adjacent to the school (free till 8am, $1/hour after)

    Waldron, Hill & Buskirk Park/3rd Street Park

    4th Street Parking Garage (first hour free - however, currently under rennovation through 2019)


    Walking/City Bus/Biking

    Students are encouraged to walk, take the city bus (with their terminal conveniently located one half block from our front door), or bike to school when this is a safe possibility. Walkers, bus riders and bike riders should enter through the front door on Smith Avenue. As is required in Bloomington, bikers must wear a helmet. The Project School is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property, including bicycles parked in the bicycle racks. Bicycles should be secured with a personal lock and helmets should be kept in lockers/cubbies during the
    ​school ​
    Bike racks are available in the front of TPS as well as in front of Rhino’s. For information on Bloomington Transit's bus stops, routes and schedule, visit their website. ​​
    Important Note About Dismissal
    Because faculty are teaching and learning throughout the day, they are not often able to answer their classroom telephones. Please do not use faculty voice mail to share information about dismissal changes. For these messages, please dial the front desk extension (2000) so that information can be relayed to the appropriate people.