science night

    April 2020 date TBA!
    We love this event! Expertly organized by parent volunteer extraordinaire, Cynthia Port, we are introduced to myriad science fields through experiments, hands on activities, and magic! Join us for a seriously fun and educational evening that is wonderful for the entire family.
    If you have a scientific specialty to share or would like to volunteer/contribute in some other way, please contact Cynthia Port. Our huge thanks to the Ports for organizing this spectacular annual event!
    Meet some of last year's Science Ambassadors (come back to meet new ones daily!):
    Air seems so light, yet the winds caused by tornadoes and hurricanes can destroy large buildings! Come take a ride on a hoverboard to see how nothing but air can float up to 250 pounds!
    Science Ambassador: IU Physics Department
    Like to swim in lakes? Think you're alone? Come peer into some microscopes to see who is swimming with you any time you are in a local lake! You'll be amazed by how many aquatic invertebrates and plankton call lakes their home.
    Good vibrations! Come learn how musical and speech sounds are made. What is the difference between high pitch and low pitch sounds? Why are some sounds pretty, and some sounds.... not so much?
    Science Ambassador: Robert Port, Retired Faculty from IU Linguistics Department