science night

    Wednesday, April 11, 2018
    @ TPS
    We love this event! Expertly organized by parent volunteer extraordinaire, Cynthia Port, we are introduced to myriad science fields through experiments, hands on activities, and magic! Join us for a seriously fun and educational evening that is wonderful for the entire family.
    If you have a scientific specialty to share or would like to volunteer/contribute in some other way, please contact Cynthia Port. Our huge thanks to the Ports for organizing this spectacular annual event!
    Meet the 2017 Science Ambassadors to get an idea of what you'll experience in 2018:
    brains Brains! (and no zombies, we promise). See and touch actual human brains that were donated to science. You'll be using your brain to learn about brains.
    Science Ambassador: IU School of Optometry
    bees Did you know bees are now on the ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST? Come learn about these perfect pollinators, see what a real hive looks like, and find out how YOU can help our flying friends.
    Science Ambassador: Scott Wallace and the Bee Keepers Club
    skeleton What's holding you up?  Your bones, of course! See what they look like and test your skill -- can you put them all in the right order?

    Science Ambassador: IU School of Optometry
    Did you know that bacteria can talk to each other? And when they do, they GLOW! Learn about bioluminescent bacteria and get the chance to paint with them!

    Science Ambassador: IU Biochemistry
    flower Think Indiana winters are cold?  How about -321 degrees fahrenheit?  Come learn about the cryogenic effects of liquid nitrogen! Also . . . RIDE A HOVERBOARD!
    Science Ambassador: The IU Physics Club
    singing Have you ever noticed how certain songs can trigger memories? Come learn how music affects the brain and connects people to their past.   
    Science Ambassador: IU Ethnomusicology
    Skulls and teeth can teach us about the evolutionary history of animals, their diverse adaptations, their relatedness to other organisms, and the circumstances of their death. Come see and feel over 50 mammal skulls and learn where and how to look at skulls to uncover the diverse world of mammal evolution!
    Science Ambassador: IU Department of Biology
    wind We take air for granted, but it is powerful stuff.  Come learn about Wind Power, the clean energy that is powering homes and businesses around the world.
    Science Ambassador: TPS Girl Scout Troop 126
    india food The foods we eat are a strong reflection of our culture and values. Come learn about the promotion of traditional foods and the perception of food culture change in India. 
    Science Ambassador: IU Department of Anthropology