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  • There are so many easy ways to support TPS while doing your everyday shopping and dining - that won't cost you any additional money! On this page we'll keep a running list of ways for you to contribute to our school as a community consumer. If you know of additional shopping/dining support programs, please contact Ms. Amy with information.

    We regularly offer TPS gear for sale at TPS! When we have new options, we will post them here.
    For those who utilize Amazon for their online shopping, this is a great way to support our school. TPS earns a percentage of every eligible Amazon purchase you make, once you have selected TPS as your charity of choice. If you are an AmazonPrime member, you can utilize the AmazonSmile portal (which looks just like regular Amazon), and you'll also be automatically connected to your Prime account and benefits. So it's a win-win! Click the link above to select TPS for your contributions!
    Enroll your Kroger shopping rewards card in the name of TPS, and a percentage of your purchases will be directed to TPS throughout the calendar year. Click the link above to register your card and to select TPS as recipient of your donation - if you do not yet have an account, you must first create one with Kroger. When signing up, you'll need to have your card number and our NPO number with Kroger: ID441. 
    Who doesn't love Pizza X pizza?? Every time you purchase a pizza from Pizza X, your box will contain a "box top" that you can return to TPS to help us raise money! We receive $25 for every 100 pizza box tops returned. Look for the drop buckets on top of the book shelf in the front lobby of the school. Simply cut off the box top from your pizza box, and drop it in the next time you visit us!
    Many of the packaged food items in your kitchen have box tops/bar codes that will earn funds for our school! Although a small amount, it adds up to substantive funds quickly! Located on the bookshelf in the front lobby of the school are drop boxes for box tops. Make it a family activity to look for Box Tops 4 Education in your kitchen - cut them out and drop them off!
    Box Tops now also offers an easy-to-use app for smartphones, which provides even more ways to earn funds for TPS! Check out the image below for details on how to download and use the app.
     box tops
    Our tremendous appreciation to Amy Kelley, TPS parent, for organizing and implementing this program. Email her with questions, suggestions, or offers to help!

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