Our independent school district has oversight provided by a community-based board of directors. As a chartered public school, we are responsible for meeting both the high standards set by the Indiana Department of Education, as well as rigorous standards set by our charter authorizer, Ball State University Office of Charter Schools. The board of directors is responsible for providing fiscal oversight, as well as for insuring that our school is in compliance with all IDOE, State of Indiana, and charter mandates.
    Board Meetings
    The Project School board of directors meets a minimum of 6 times during each fiscal year.
    Board meetings typically take place on the fourth Thursday afternoon of the month when scheduled. However, based on school calendar conflict (i.e. vacation schedule), specific meetings may be scheduled on a different Thursday of a particular month in any particular year. There are certain months in which the board does not traditionally meet:
    • June - the June meeting date is reserved; however the meeting is only held if there are time-sensitive topics to be addressed
    • July - no July meeting is schedule; it will only be scheduled if there are time-sensitive topics to be addressed
    • October - the October meeting falls when we are on our autumn break; therefore we do not hold a meeting in October
    • December - the December meeting date is reserved; however the meeting is only held if there are time-sensitive topics to be addressed
    • March - due to the two week Spring Break, no TPS board meeting will be held during the month of March.
    All TPS board meeting days/times are scheduled for an entire fiscal year at a time and are listed on the TPS calendar; the meeting are also always posted on the front door of the building at least 48 hours before each meeting. Meetings are always open to the public. All board meetings take place in a classroom of The Project School, with the possible exception of the Annual Meeting, which coincides with the July/early August scheduled meeting. This meeting often (but not always) takes place off site in another Bloomington location. The location of the Annual Meeting is listed on the TPS calendar a minimum of one month prior to the meeting.


    Click for the most current version of the approved TPS Board of Directors By-Laws.