museum of authentic work

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    Each year, our students develop a comprehensive portfolio of work based on the Compelling and Generative Topic/Question, their Literacy and Numeracy Workshops, and their P3 Curriculum. They also document their group and class project-based work. During the final week of school, our classrooms are then turned into a Museum of Authentic Work (MAW), during which all students showcase the outstanding work that has taken place throughout the year. 
    The Museum of Authentic Work is one of the highlights of our year! Classrooms are creatively rearranged to provide visitors with a chance for exploration and celebration of all that has happened in our school year. Our students become their classroom MAW docents, giving tours to other students, and to parents, school friends and community leaders. They are always so proud of their accomplishments and of the substantive nature of their learning.
    The Museum of Authentic Work is one of the things that makes The Project School truly unique. Our entire community is invited to join us annually for tours by our student docents.
    For details on this school year's MAW date and times, please click here.
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