arts integration

    Arts at The Project School consist of two distinct by connected components: Art Workshops and Arts Infusion. They work in conert with each other to provide experiences for students to express themselves and their learning through the arts. All TPS students participate arts classes 4 times/week. Two of the sessions are workshop based (one each in visual arts and performing arts), where students learn the skills and strategies of the visual and performing artist. The other two sessions are art infusion sessions, where the arts are literally infused into the curriculum of the classroom. Our arts infusion teaching team partners with our classroom teachers to make these curricular connections.
    The overall goal of the arts program is to seamlessly weave an appreciation for, and participation in, visual art, music, theatre and movement into the core education of every student. Through this infusion of visual and performing arts into their classes, students are able to process new knowledge on a deeper level, make connections between areas of study, and express their performing artistry in a way that is unique and moving to them.
    Classroom Performances
    Each of our classrooms puts on an integrated theatrical production during each academic year. Under the creative and motivational leadership of our performing and visual arts specialists, every student is given the opportunity to shine in performance, as well as to assist in the creation of set and costume design. Some of our classes have even composed original scores and written original scripts! Click here to learn more about the program, and to see the annual schedule of classroom performances!