children wearing masks

TPS currently requires all students and staff members to be fully masked throughout the school day while inside, except when eating or drinking, and outside when social distancing cannot be achieved. We ask that families send their children with a clean mask that fully covers a child's mouth and nose to school every day, and to consider sending extras in back packs. The school will also always have disposable masks available for students in need.

Children should be masked as they get out of vehicles in the morning, and keep their masks on until they are fully in vehicles in the afternoon.

If families have challenges acquiring masks, please contact our HEALTH AIDE. We will be happy to help!

As we move forward in our school, we will continue to study the science and consult with experts, and will revisit the mask mandate at such time that it seems safe to do so.

Currently, no individuals other than students and staff may be inside the building. We ask that parents dropping off and picking up their students via foot or bike to please also wear masks while at arrival and dismissal. Although these activities take place outside, there are many people present, and we cannot control for social distancing. 

Our number one priority is to keep everyone healthy and safe!