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Vote for TPS to be a Positive Change recipient for 2022! Between September 27 and October 21, Bloomingfoods Co-Op members are invited to vote online for their top 11 charitable organizations from a list of applicants, of which TPS is one! The 11 with the most votes will be assigned a month in 2022 during which customers can “round up” their bills to support the organization. We’d LOVE to be one of the 2022 recipients – organizations have earned up to $13,000! Each Co-Op member can move through the voting process only once, so this is not a “vote every day” situation. 

To vote anytime between September 27 and October 21, click HERE or head into a Bloomingfoods location. Please spread the word to all of your local Co-Op member contacts, and tell them why voting for TPS is such an awesome idea!