school closed

MCCSC has called for a cancelled school day for Thursday, February 24, due to potentially hazardous road conditions. We trust that MCCSC has valuable information that helped them make this safety determination. Our general protocol is to follow the cancellation and delay decisions of the larger district.

All TPS classes will be VIRTUAL for Thursday, February 24, and there will be nothing synchronous within the learning day. We recognize that this sudden cancellation may require a different level of flexibility on the part of families. We are very understanding of this.

Because this sudden cancellation was not in our teachers' planning, you will hear from them by 10a with learning instructions for the day. If a teacher were to experience a power outage, and be unable to communicate with families, we will work to share information with those classes as soon after 10a as possible.

We are here for our families in need of virtual learning support. We hope that everyone stays warm and safe, and that we see everyone back at school once again on Friday morning!