Upcoming Lunch Menu

Vegetarian options are for students who have previously identified to us as vegetarian. Please note that we have been having recent challenges receiving both regular and veggie options we specifically request from Preferred Meals due to supply chain issues faced everywhere. Therefore, be prepared that there may be substitutions from this menu as the week progresses, including the scheduling of “chef’s choice” days. Thank you for your understanding.

Lunch Menu Week of May 23:
Monday: Egg & Cheese Bagels for All Students
Tuesday - Thursday: Chef’s Choice
Friday: No Classes

Meals Overview

Healthy eating is an important part of the school day! We hope that each of our students will start the day with a substantive breakfast, and will have the lunch time nutrition needed to keep the learning going strong through the end of the school day. TPS breakfasts and lunches meet or exceed the state guidelines for schools.

Each day we offer a cold breakfast and a hot lunch option via Preferred Meals. Families are invited to participate in either or both of these meal programs. And students may also elect to bring a packed lunch – please note, however, that TPS is unable to provide cooling or heating for home-packed meals.

TPS utilizes an Offered Vs. Served Protocol for providing our meal service, as advised by the USDA.

Breakfast is available from 7:45-8:15a each morning. Students utilizing the breakfast program pick up breakfast from the Cafe', and travel to their classrooms to eat. Recess is taken each day.

A lunch count is taken each morning in classrooms by 8:30a in order to let our lunch service staff know how many meals to prepare for the day. If your child is tardy, they must let the front office know if a lunch is needed for the day.

Students eating a school-provided breakfast may do so by picking up their meal in the cafe and returning to their classrooms to eat. Lunch (for those eating either the hot meal or their homemade meal) takes place in a combination of the lunch room and classrooms, in order to accommodate all students. Lunch groups rotate throughout the school year, to give students an opportunity to enjoy lunch in different spaces and with different peers.

The up-to-date weekly TPS lunch menu can be found at the top of this page.

We ask that students only request vegetarian meals if they are actually vegetarians, in order to insure that we have enough of these limited meals for those in need. If your child is a vegetarian, and you have not yet done so, please alert your child's teacher and the front office.

If you are interested in exploring the nutritional values of any particular lunch item, visit the Preferred Meals Page, and simply hover over the item; their website will reveal these details to you. Please note, however, that their menu will not reflect any substitutions we have made in the lunch menu for any particular day (which will be reflected in the menu at the top of this page).

Meal Cost & Billing 2021-2022

For the 2021-2022 academic year, all students are being provided with a universal option for free breakfast and free lunch through the USDA.
There will be no charge for breakfast or lunch for any enrolled student in the school.

Milk-only purchase

Adult Meals
Breakfast $2.50
Lunch $4.60

In a typical year, billing for food service is done two times each month and is sent by email. Payment is expected when the bill is received and can be paid by check, cash, or credit/debit card. Because our school budget is so tight, we require that invoices be paid by the end of the week during which they are received.Keeping credit card information on file in the office is the easiest way to keep up to date on billing. Invoices are then emailed to families with the date when cards will be charged – families are always told the amount to be applied before running a card. We keep all information locked in a secure location and only the Administrative Assistant processes the cards to maintain security. If you would like to keep a credit card number securely on file for ease of payments (for meals, after care, Enrichment and break care), please email the front office, or see the front desk.

Free & Reduced Meals

Families who believe they will qualify for free or reduced meal fees should complete and submit an annual application (see below). Families who believe they may qualify for this benefit are encouraged to apply even if they intend to pack their lunches, as there are additional benefits (such as waiving of school supply fees, and reduced Enrichment/Break Care fees) that are also granted through this eligibility. For printed versions and/or assistance in completing the application please contact the front office.

Please note: 2022-2023 forms will become available in July 2022, and we will post them here at that time.

2021-2022 English Language Instruction Letter
2021-2022 English Language Application
2021-2022 Spanish Language Instruction Letter
2021-2022 Spanish Language Application

Lunch & Recess Schedule 2021-2022

Classrooms alternate lunch and recess periods weekly in order to give students the opportunity to socialize with friends in other classrooms of their multi-age group. Below are listed the hour that each multi-age group lunch/recess period. Please note that from week to week classrooms will alternate which comes first, lunch or recess.

Recess takes place at the Waldron, Hill & Buskirk Park (formerly known as Third Street Park) each day, except in the case of inclement weather. On days when weather does not allow us to be outside, recess takes place within each classroom.

Primary (K-2) lunch/recess
10:30 – 11:30a

Intermediate (3-5) lunch/recess
11:30a – 12:30p

Middle School (6-8) lunch/recess
12:30 – 1:30p