our community partners

    The Project School is proud to collaborate with the following local and national community partners:
    Ashoka Changemaker Schools Network
    The Project School has been selected to be a member of the Ashoka’s Changemaker Schools Network, joining forty plus innovative and influential schools chosen from across the country. Ashoka – a Washington DC based Foundation – launched the Changemaker Schools Network in 2012 to identify, recognize, and collaborate with innovative, influential schools that are rethinking education. The network is a national growing community of schools that serve as models for cultivating students as changemakers, leading the way to ensuring every child develops agency, empathy, and voice.

    The Bloomington Playwrights Project is a local nonprofit theatre company with the mission to cultivate new playwrights. The BPP utilizes TPS as a lab location for the development of new play writing curricula.
    TPS partners with Boys and Girls Club to create substantive after school and TPS break programming for TPS students. Additionally, Boys and Girls Club partners with TPS to provide all of TPS’ school transportation needs.
    Cardinal Stage Company
    Cardinal Stage is the community’s professional theatre program. TPS has professional representation on Cardinal’s Education Outreach Committee. Additionally, Cardinal provides professional theatre experiences at vastly reduced prices to TPS, to facilitate all TPS students experiencing theatre in every school year.
    TPS regularly participates in city-led projects such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Day On Not A Day Off” service days, as well as the Students Auditing for Sustainability Project. TPS is proud to receive grant funds from the City for community service projects.
    TPS partners with Girls Inc. to coordinate substantive after school programming for female students. In addition, Girls Inc, serves as the location for large-scale fundraising events for TPS.
    TPS partners with Giving Back to Africa by regularly hosting African educators for site visits, observations and mentoring. TPS and Giving Back to Africa are now exploring collaborative learning and research opportunities between students, teachers and university faculty.
    Global Gifts is a fair trade non-profit business operated by Fair Trade Bloomington. With the shared values of equity, social justice and environmental sustainability, Global Gifts is interested in building a substantive partnership with TPS. We are currently organizing fundraising nights at Global Gifts in support of the school; Global Gifts is interested in using TPS as a lab site for their newly designed Fair Trade curriculum.
    Indiana University Center for the Study of Global Change
    Indiana University Center for the Study of Global Change provides supplementary programming for our students and families. An example is our annual “International Night,” during which many IU faculty and students set up cultural displays and activities at TPS.
    TPS and the IULSP received a $199,000 grant to support a joint Maker’s Lab for the school and the larger community. IULSP provides staffing and teaching support as part of the TPS learning day. The IU Creativity Lab has been the leading force in the ongoing development of our school-wide technology infrastructure and increased capacity through systematic professional development around tools that leverage systems thinking concepts. 
    TPS serves as a practicum site for student teachers, field experiences, and doctoral work.
    Indiana University Sciences
    Indiana University Sciences Programs (chemistry, physics, etc.) provide regular supplementary science programming for our students and families. During our annual “Science Night,” many IU Science professors and students set up experiments and learning stations at TPS.
    TPS serves as a placement site for an Indiana University ACE (Advocate for Community Engagement). The ACE is an undergraduate student who facilitates the service learning relationship between the school and IU faculty – including establishing partnerships and supervising undergraduate service learners in the school setting. 
    TPS is the only public school in the community partnering with the Arts Center in the production of musical theatre events. TPS holds its 2 performances each year at the Waldron Arts Center.
    Meadowood Retirement Community
    Meadowood is a large retirement residential agency in the community. TPS students provide inter-generational programming for the residents, including strings performances and writing celebrations. Meadowwood regularly hosts the TPS Annual Board meeting.
    Monroe County Council
    TPS regularly receives grant funding from the Monroe County Council. Three recent grants include funds for technology, funds for farm-to-school field trips, and funds for creating a more accessible building.
    TPS is grateful for the space that MCPL regularly shares with us for our class musical theatre performances. MCPL also regularly makes special events possible for TPS students, inviting our students to participate in performances, book readings, author speaking engagements, cultural events, and more.
    TPS partners with SPF to provide a demonstration school for aspiring grass roots charter schools, as well as schools around the county that are seeking to go through transformation toward greater levels of educational equity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.
    Shalom Community Center
    Shalom Community Center is the local day-center for those experiencing homelessness in our community. TPS is building a service learning program to facilitate our students engaging with the social justice issue of homelessness while also helping the clients of Shalom Community Center. Our first major project with the Shalom Center took place during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in 2014. TPS prepared 1000 care packages for the clients of the center. We continued the project in 2015 with 500 family care packages for Shalom's clients.
    Stone Belt is a non profit in Bloomington and surrounding counties that provides empowerment and support to individuals with developmental disabilities. Stone Belt shares its space with us for special events throughout the year. TPS supports Stone Belt by encouraging families to purchase fundraising breakfast tickets to share with Stone Belt clients.