teacher description

As a teacher committed to being a contributor to a collaborative culture,
The Project School teacher is:
  • excited about and committed to intense collaboration with colleagues with the goal of achieving the ideal learning environment for each child.
  • someone who sees and believes in the benefits to co-teaching for students and educators.
  • passionate about teaching and learning and demonstrates that passion daily with colleagues, students, and families.
  • a proven collaborator and effective team member who values the ideas of others and brings their ideas to the table for the greater good.
  • understanding of the need to enjoy others’ company and to form relationships that span the work and play environment.

As a teacher committed to multi-age classrooms,
The Project School teacher is:
  • experienced in teaching in a multi-age classroom.
  • someone who understands and can articulate the benefits to a multi-age education for children, teachers, and families.
  • committed to differentiated instruction in order to meet the needs of all learners.

As a teacher committed to social justice and equity,
The Project School teacher is:
  • knowledgeable of, experienced with, and can demonstrate multiple examples of the implementation and use of culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy.
  • personally and professionally committed to the concepts of social justice and equity.
  • passionate about engaging in conversation and dialogue regarding issues of equity in schools.
  • committed to the creation and sustainability of an inclusive, anti-racist, equitable learning environment for all students.
  • committed to honoring and teaching the whole child.
  • committed to working with colleagues, board members, students, families, and community members across difference and teaching on a faculty that reflects the local community.
  • fully committed to The Project School’s vision to “end the predictive value of race, class, gender, and special needs on success in school and life.”
  • committed to interrupting practices that perpetuate the status quo.
As a teacher committed to innovative curriculum development and instruction,
The Project School Teacher is:
  • highly experienced with project-based learning with the proven, demonstrated ability to develop engaging, project-based curricula for students.
  • knowledgeable of and committed to the theory of constructivist teaching and learning.
  • committed to and experienced with interdisciplinary teaching.
  • experienced in embedding and integrating the concepts of critical thinking and inquiry-based instruction and curriculum into a project-based learning environment.
  • experienced with and committed to the concept of engaging in the learning process with the student as a partner and facilitator.
  • experienced with and has the demonstrated ability to engage students in projects that address socio-political issues and integrate service-learning experiences.
  • experienced in providing students with highly effective and innovative literacy and math experiences.

As a teacher committed to continuous personal and professional growth,
The Project School teacher is:
  • committed to scholarly ongoing self and professional development in regard to education, teaching and learning, learning theory, and equity.
  • able and motivated to engage in high level scholarly and intellectual work and development as demonstrated by authentic examples of such work.
  • well-read on current research of innovative, progressive best practices and can provide examples of the implementation of such practices in their work with students and teachers.
  • a learner as well as a teacher.
  • open to innovations in the area of teaching, learning and technology with the ability to adjust to changes and implement them in the classroom and the school.

As a teacher who embodies a strong work ethic,
The Project School teacher is:
  • committed to working hard and can provide multiple examples of the personal and professional will to put forth intense effort toward the attainment of individual and group goals.
  • able to effectively prioritize tasks in order to achieve short and long term individual and group goals.
  • able, motivated, and passionate about leading projects by effectively and efficiently managing multiple tasks, and is able to demonstrate multiple examples of effective project management.

As a teacher who is committed to creativity and innovation,
The Project School teacher is:
  • comfortable with ambiguity and change with the proven ability to be flexible in the face of adversity and challenge.
  • someone who sees possibilities first and obstacles as a welcome challenge.
  • willing to take risks in the name of creativity and innovation in order to provide the optimal learning experience for children and families.
  • grounded in an informed belief in progressive, non-traditional teaching and schools with the ability to clearly articulate that belief and implement practices that model that belief.
  • a problem solver with the proven ability to adapt in an innovative environment that embraces creativity and change.

As a teacher committed to working with integrity and with moral and ethical purpose,
The Project School Teacher is:
  • committed to being honest and fair with every person they come into contact with; no exceptions.
  • able to clearly articulate their personal and professional core beliefs; those core beliefs are congruent with the mission and vision of The Project School.
  • committed to holding themselves accountable to the same high expectations they hold for others in the school and the community.
  • grounded in a strong personal and professional moral and ethical purpose.
  • committed to treating others with respect at all times.

As a teacher committed to being a contributor to a culture of critical friendship,
The Project School teacher is:
  • committed to looking critically at his/her own practice.
  • committed to being a critical friend to colleagues by providing feedback on student and adult work.
  • committed to asking the tough questions and speaking his/her truth in order to provide the optimal learning experience for children.
  • committed to staying engaged in difficult conversations about meeting the needs of children, families and communities.

As a teacher committed to appreciation and infusion of the arts,
The Project School teacher is:
  • committed to the creation of a learning environment that values students’ creative expression.
  • grounded in the belief of how powerful the arts can be to a community and the importance of a learning community that embodies this belief.
  • committed to working closely and intensely with an arts infusion specialist to integrate the arts into project-based learning experiences.

As a teacher committed to working from an asset-based view of children, families, and communities,
The Project School Teacher is:
  • committed to interrupting deficit-based practices and conversations inside and outside the school community.
  • committed to focusing on the assets students and families bring to the table.
  • committed to respecting all students, unconditionally.
  • someone who has a love for all students.
  • committed to honoring and celebrating the culture, heritage, and ancestry of every student.
  • experienced and comfortable working with learners of all ages.
  • willing and open to looking at everyone in our community without judgment.
  • committed to seeing the gifts and talents of every student.
  • experienced with holistic and authentic forms of assessment.
  • dedicated to creating open avenues of communication with families and to meeting with families several times a year for formal and informal conferences.
  • comfortable writing about and describing student progress narratively without letter grades, numbers or rating scales.

As a teacher who is highly qualified,
The Project School Teacher is:
  • highly educated; ideally holding a master’s degree or higher.
  • highly experienced in teaching in a progressive and innovative environment; ideally five years of more of experience.
  • highly experienced in teaching children across difference, ability, class, race, etc.
  • appropriately licensed for the position; ideally is the holder of multiple licenses and areas of focus and expertise.