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    "I am writing about this school because I have children enrolled there; and their experiences with the school are remarkably different from those of other minority children attending some schools. Pedagogy in the school is predicated on experiential learning and project-based inquiry. Children become very independent and proficient in their reading and writing skills at a very early age. The teachers are very respectful of all kids irrespective of their racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. No child is ever turned away because his/her parents cannot contribute for an activity or field trip. If you are a parent who is concerned about inclusive principles in your child’s current school, then you should consider this alternative." TPS Parent / Graduate Student at Indiana University

    "TPS is honestly like a second home to me. Though I am no longer a student there, I continue to visit almost every single day. When I walk in to TPS I immediately feel joyful and I am overcome by the love and kindness held in that building and community. I have had some of the best times in my life there and I hold TPS extremely close to my heart. If it was not for TPS, I would not be who I am as a person today. I am very proud to say that I was educated academically and socially in such a beautiful and unique environment. TPS means more to me than words could even begin to explain."  TPS Graduate
    “My oldest daughter started at TPS in its first year and she is now attending one of Bloomington's High School. She is a straight “A” student and simply a good person that will undoubtedly continue to grow and be a productive leader no matter where her life journey takes her. I couldn’t be more proud of her and I give much of the credit for that to the environment created at The Project School. I see my girls and all the kids at TPS blossoming intellectually, creatively, responsibly, and socially every day because of that school. When they are off for any type of extended break, they cannot wait to go back! That speaks volumes to me.”TPS parent of 3 children and 1 graduate

    “My 9-year old son has multiple disabilities and is in his third year at The Project School. TPS has provided him with a full-time aide and a place in a regular classroom, and has welcomed his service dog. His reading, writing and comprehension are flourishing in a rigorous, individualized literacy program, supported by weekly speech, occupational and music therapy sessions. The TPS schedule provides him with hours of weekly music and art classes, and lots of playground time for strengthening his body and organizing his emotions. The TPS teachers, administrators and children are truly supportive of his gifts and strengths, and parents have made a point of telling us how much their children benefit from having our autistic, minimally verbal, socially unusual child in their classes. He has friends who value him for who he is.”TPS Parent

    "The Project School is more than a building where children and adults alike learn. TPS is a beautiful community that strives to create a safe, nurturing, and super-fun environment for all who walk through the doors. I was so fortunate to attend for two years, and can honestly say that those two years of supposedly "terrible middle school" were the best years in my academic career. I formed friendships with students and adults that I treasure today, and nothing makes me happier than to return there when I need a reminder of who I am. It's so unbelievably awesome to hear my younger brother say, "Project School is the best school!" and to know that my sister will be attending as well. I know that on her very first day, she will be individually greeted and welcomed into the amazing community that is TPS. A school should be a place where students are encouraged to step outside of comfort zones, always with someone beside them to push towards new limits. TPS has done that for me and I am forever grateful."  TPS Graduate

    “The traditional public school system in Monroe County is very strong, but it doesn’t work for all students. My youngest daughter was literally terrified of school. She cried every day and made herself sick so that she wouldn’t have to be in school. Even as an involved parent, I could not find a solution to make her situation better. This charter school changed everything; today she never wants to miss school and is making incredible academic strides. The school’s focus on social justice and educational equity creates a classroom atmosphere ripe for exploring, learning, and respect.”TPS Parent


    “As a first year TPS teacher I have experienced an exceptionally high level of support and an equally high level of accountability from my fellow educators. Communication, critique, suggestions, support, collaboration, and resources flow daily. The network of mutual support, high expectations, and shared mission serve to make TPS one of the most cohesive schools I have experienced in almost 30 years in education. It is a privilege to work alongside such gifted and dedicated professionals. I count myself lucky to have been invited to join a staff of such caliber and integrity.”  – TPS Teacher

    “As a TPS teacher I get to make changes for kids the same day they need them. No child has to be lost while waiting for approval by someone who does not know him or her personally. Decisions for the benefit of each child are made by the people who serve the children on a daily basis. As a TPS teacher I am part of a community that understands its vast responsibilities. Every day I am entrusted with other people's children, who deserve what I would want for my own children. With the flexibility to make changes when necessary, I am able to serve kids and families well. This is the only school where I am proud and excited to send my own children.” – TPS Teacher

    "At TPS, parents are considered to be an integral part of the school community. Teachers and administrators always give us a warm welcome in the school and in our children’s classrooms, and have unfailingly responded to our questions and concerns with encouragement, kindness and respect." – TPS Parent

    "At TPS my kids are learning that they are the agents of their own education -- and education in the broadest sense of the word. They are encouraged to set their own goals -- not only in academic terms, but also regarding their contribution to their classroom and school community -- and regularly to assess their own progress towards achieving these goals." – TPS Parent

    "Two of my three children at TPS have Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) for completely different sets of issues. In both cases, we have been treated as integral members of the team assembled to help our children confront the challenges they face. I had read and heard so much about the development of an IEP being a contentious process, where you have to “win” concessions from unwilling administrators, but our experience at TPS has been quite the opposite: we feel supported; we feel that the school and the members of our kids’ IEP teams truly want to do everything possible to help our children excel." – TPS Parent