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TPS Wins Old National Bank "Tools for Schools" Grant

The Project School is honored to have recieved the Old National Bank "Tools for Schools" grant for the third year in a row. This unrestricted grant was awarded to TPS after a regional voting competition. The school with the greatest number of votes in each of Old National Bank's 14 regions received $1000.

The Project School is in its 9th year of operation as a nonprofit, chartered public school. It was founded by local public school educators who care deeply about education, and who share a vision for what innovative, whole-child education should look like for all children. TPS currently serve 279 diverse children from kindergarten through grade 8, including 25% students with special learning needs, and 35% children experiencing poverty. All students in this inclusive school are treated as individuals with unique learning needs and goals. Enrollment is determined by a lottery system that is open to all families who reside in Indiana.

Annually, approximately 300 children remain on the school's waiting list, due to limited physical space, many with special learning needs and socio-economic challenges. The leadership of TPS is saddened that they are unable to serve a greater number of deserving families who desire its heart-mind-voice educational vision. Since first opening its doors, the goal of TPS has been to educate and impact the lives of as many marginalized children in the community as possible. As TPS heads toward a decade of successful service, they are strategically prepared to now expand their programs in order to benefit many more children and families, and to continue to strengthen Bloomington’s innovative educational offerings.

For the past three years, including up to the present, TPS has been setting aside non-designated fundraising income to put toward its future implementation of an expansion of the school. The three Old National Bank Tools For Schools grants are also helping to serve this purpose. Currently, TPS is using funds to train faculty interns - individuals on our support teaching staff who demonstrate the promise to become lead classroom teachers. The school is preparing them for a future in which it is in need of additional lead teachers who are able to demonstrate its mission, vision, values and pedagogy.