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TPS Staff & Students Featured in "IU Home Stories" Series

Recently, as part of IU Day, students and staff at TPS were invited to participate in a special IU project called Stories from Home. It’s similar to Story Corp, in that it involves audio interviews in which individuals, duos or groups share interesting stories about their passions, their work, their service, their family, and other things that inspire them. A number of our students and staff chose to be interviewed, and IU has now begun airing the selected stories from The Project School/Stories from Home collaboration! They are starting out by airing a conversation featuring Ms. Cathy, Mr. Tarrey, and Ms. Heather. In upcoming days during the month of May, stories from other staff and from TPS students will also be highlighted. Here are mediums where you can find and listen to them!

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Our thanks to IU for including TPS in this meaningful project!