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TPS Receives $46,000 Quality Counts Innovation Grant from the IDOE

The Project School is honored to have recieved funding from the Indiana Department of Education to fund innovation in education for the 2018-2019 academic year. The $46,000 grant will provide ongoing professional development with a focus on Universal Design for Learning. The grant will also allow TPS to acquire up-to-date technology devices for use in classrooms. The grant will allow TPS to create web-based, on-demand resources for teachers, and will expand the role and increase the time for the onsite instructional technology specialist to develop a more user-friendly and meaningful comprehensive data system, providing targeted training and professional development. Through the IDOE grant, TPS will also be able to explore the role of design-thinking and the makerspace movement as a means of increasing students’ engagement with literacy and math content areas as a way of expanding entry points for learning.