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TPS Announces Expansion for Fall 2020


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After years of planning and searching, The Project School, a K-8 chartered public school in Bloomington, has signed a multi-year lease on a building at 416-420 South Washington Street, which will allow for an expansion of the number of children and families they serve, beginning in fall of 2020. The full expansion will take place over a three-year period.

The purpose of the expansion is to create opportunities for many students on the school’s annual waiting list to be transitioned into the school. The school has been at full capacity since opening its doors in 2009, with an annual waiting list always in the hundreds. The number of children on the waiting list exceeds the number of actual spaces currently in the school itself.

“We are thrilled to be working with a local architectural firm and cannot wait to begin the renovations that will allow us to add our first new additional classroom in fall of 2020, with two more to follow - one in 2021 and the third and final in fall of 2022. While we are still fine-tuning who will be where and which classroom combinations will be added to our school each year, we do know that we will add a total of 80-90 students over the three-year period, and that we will be ready to go, with doors open to our initial new classroom, in August 2020,” explained Catherine Diersing, School Co-Founder and Leader.

This new school space will become an additional building for The Project School programs. They will continue to use their current downtown Bloomington building at 349 South Walnut Street – a leased space with the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Board - where they have been located since opening their doors in 2009, as their flagship building; the majority of their classrooms and students will continue to be located there.

Since the very beginning of expansion discussions, The Project School has recognized the importance of insuring that they are able to continue fidelity to their mission, values and core beliefs in all aspects of their programming, even when serving a larger number of students. Their visionary staff and dedicated board leadership have taken thoughtful steps to reach this moment, guided by this goal.

Diersing shared, “Expansion provides us with the opportunity to give many who have waited years, literally years, the chance to join our community. Although this expansion will not allow us to serve every child who applies or all who are on the waiting list, we are so happy that in the three years to come we will be able to say YES much more often. And for that we cannot wait!”