Department of Education

In order to comply with the requirement of the ESSA (federal educational act), we provide here a link to The Project School Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) Accountability Data Page so that the accountability data for TPS is easily accessible. All required data points for schools are included on IDOE's Compass site including Annual Performance Reports.

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Charter Authorization

As a chartered public school we are additionally accountable to the high standards and expectations set by our authorizing body, the Ball State University Office of Charter Schools. We were initially chartered in 2009 with a 5-year authorization (the longest allowable by law at that time). In 2014 we went through our first renewal process, and again received a 5-year authorization. In the fall and winter of 2018-2019 we once again moved through the renewal process, and were granted a 7-year charter, a new option created by the Indiana Legislature. We are honored to have been recognized by Ball State as an exemplar of innovative education, deserving of the longest authorization now allowable by law. As part of this latest renewal process, we were invited to create a digital portfolio to tell the story of our school, our successes, and how we hope to grow in the future. Many members of our staff were involved in the creation of this portfolio, and student, parent, board and community partner voice were all included. We are very honored to share this story with the community.

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