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TPS2 - Our Middle School

TPS3 - Our Green Space

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(Including Deliveries)
349 South Walnut Street
Indiana 47401

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812.558.0041 (phone)
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select -3- for TPS2 front desk
812.334.5873 (fax)
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School Leadership & Vision,
District Superintendent
Catherine Diersing
School Leader
ext. 2002

Front Office, Enrollment,
Student Data, Facilities & Food Services
Kristin Blackwell
Office, Facility & Food Service Manager
ext. 2000

Special Education Supports &
Individual Education Plans

Pam Cunningham
Special Education Director

Life Skills & Family Supports
Rene Riley
Life Skills Coach
ext. 2025

Main Health Office
Alex Wulf
Health Aide
ext. 2003

TPS2 Front & Health Office
Kristin Litten
TPS2 Front Office & Health Aide
select -3- for TPS2 front desk

Fundraising, Special Events,
Tours, Speakers, Media,
Communications & Website
Amy Jackson
Philanthropy & Outreach Director
ext. 2000 (main extension)

Employment, Lottery &
Executive Administration

Heather James
Executive Assistant
ext. 2000 (main extension)

Accounting, Air Quality, Asbestos Control,
Pest Control, Building Safety/OSHA
& McKinney-Vento Federal Act
Lisa Jones
Business Manager
ext. 2000 (main extension)

Air quality, asbestos, pest management and covid statements can be found in our family handbook.