A lottery is held annually at The Project School to determine new placements for any grade level not fully enrolled for the following school year. Through the lottery, the order of the waitlist is determined for all grade levels where application numbers exceed available open spaces. At least one process observer is present at the drawing who does not have any vested interest in the outcome, to confirm that the process has accuracy and integrity. Applicants are drawn beginning with the kindergarten applicants, moving successively through grade levels, ending with the highest level to be served in the coming year. 

The Project School is committed to an open admission policy that follows all applicable State laws governing Indiana Charter Schools. It is the intent of TPS Staff and Board of Directors to ensure enrollment preferences are made to help families remain together during the schooling experience and to afford a weighted opportunity for economically disadvantaged families, who may lack resources to access other forms of school choice. 

Please explore below for additional detailed information about our lottery process.